Milan is very close to qualifying to the next stage of the Champions League after beating Barcelona at the San Siro with the result 2-0.
San Siro overcrowded by 85 thousand ardent fans with a choreography since filliim scared off Barcelona at this meeting was presented with the strongest lineup, while Milan Balotelli was absent, but his absence was not noticed at all.

The first half was balanced. Barcelona had no case, posdim quite dominant, but Milan showed strong protection.Mexes not left Messi breathe, while the first part was no goal.

In the second half, things changed. The beginning was the same, with little difference for teams. Barcelona dominated possession, but Milan fans enjoyed.

After a free kick in the 57th minute and a touch suspicious without deliberate hand by Cristian Zapata, was Kevin Prince Boateng with a fantastic kick for 1-0 routing goalkeeper Victor Valdes. Great joy for Rossoneri fans, Messi quiet.

Messi continued to be silent, thanks to the fantastic branding organized by master Massimiliano Allegri, who inkuadroi M’baye Niang, who gave even more power Rossoneri attack .

After a well organized action, Stephan Al Shaaraëy left without words Piquen, followed Muntari, who so Maestral with a kick volej welcomed Valdesin and all the hierarchy of Barcelona together with the fans to 2-0 (81 ‘).

Catalans did not believe their eyes, but for the Rossoneri this was of little importance, as the San Siro was on fire from their holidays.

By the end of Barcelona attempted to return, but Milan’s defense was an example to the whole world, how to stop this team. The match ended with the score 2-0.

Milani in this challenge scored the 400th goal in European competitions, while Barcelona was just the third loss this season in all competitions.

Intervention with this result Milan is one step closer to quarterfinal after Barcelona at Camp Nou two weeks will need a 2-0 win to ensure progress and win 3-0 to qualify without continuations