English Vocabulary Guide – Vocabulary Check / Vocabulary Checker
Welcome to the English Vocabulary Guide. The English Vocabulary Guide has articles about key topics on English vocabulary and semantics (the meaning of words) that will teach you about writing more correctly. Remember that even experienced writers always have their writing edited for vocabulary (word replacement with synonyms, enrichment, register, collocations or word appropriateness).

As English has the largest vocabulary compared to other languages, with estimates running between 500,000 and one million word items, it is important to know how to enrich your vocabulary. Words together form phrases, figures of speech and idioms which enrich one’s language figuratively and symbolically. In addition to tips on memorizing words, our vocabulary guide allows you to access information on word formation and derivation (roots, prefixes and suffixes), phrasal verbs, synonyms, antonyms, word origins in English, dictionary use, cliches, jargon, and words commonly confused.images (1)