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He may be the world’s fastest man, but Usain Bolt couldn’t travel the 4,600 miles between Jamaica and England to keep his relationship with Megan Edwards alive.

The British office worker has announced her split from the Olympic Gold medalist, finding their long-distance too difficult to cope with.

And according to Megan, Usain was devastated.

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After her last trip to the 100m champion’s homeland, the Dartford girl called it quits: ‘I got home I rang him and told him it wasn’t going to work. I said the distance thing and not seeing him enough was a problem for me.’

As a junior athlete herself, Megan had a lot in common with the Jamaican sprinter.

So when the 22-year old was selected to work the catwalk in his national team’s kit ahead of London 2012, it’s no surprise that with her pretty face and runner’s body, Usain couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

Runners: The pair met on the catwalk while modelling Jamaica's team kit before the OlympicsRunners: The pair met on the catwalk while modelling Jamaica’s team kit before the Olympics

Rio: Although their relationship is over for now the aspiring Olympic athlete hopes they may see each other again in 2016Rio: Although their relationship is over for now the aspiring Olympic athlete hopes they may see each other again in 2016

After getting her number, Usain went on a mission to make Megan his girl, taking her on a number of dates.

But with the Olympics looming, their three month relationship prior to the tournament was kept out of the public eye.

‘We’d been seeing each other before the story broke but kept it quiet as he was focused on the Olympics,’ Megan told The Sunday Mirror, ‘he asked me to see him at his place because it was hard for him to go out in public.’

His public persona is known for being outlandish and overly confident – understandable for an athlete who was the first ever to win both the 100m and 200m Olympic golds in consecutive tournaments.

However, when the London lass first got to know him, she discovered a far more modest side to Usain’s personality: ‘He was really sweet to talk to, nothing like the shouty show-off you see when her wins races.’

Shortly after Megan, who runs for Dartford Harriers Athletics Club, helped Usain celebrate his unprecedented track success in London, watching the star show his rapping and DJ-ing skills at a party on Brick Lane.

After that the millionaire athlete invited his girl to Jamaica to visit his family and experience life on the tropical island.

But as an office worker limited to five weeks holiday a year, using them all up on trips to see Usain was not a future she wanted to undertake.

So although the timing isn’t right for the two now, the hopes of Megan to compete in Rio 2016 may very well mean their paths will cross again.