Kristen Stewart will return to the Snow White And The Huntsman franchise in 2013 (Picture: AP)
Kristen Stewart has confirmed she will reprise her role in the sequel to Snow White And The Huntsman, which is due to begin filming late next year.

The Twilight actress had previously been tipped to return to the hit franchise, but verified the news herself during an interview with movie website Indiewire.

And she admitted she was looking forward to playing Snow White once again, saying: ‘Oh, it’s gonna be f***in’ amazing. No, I’m so excited about it, it’s crazy.’

However she refused to elaborate further, adding: ‘The other day I said that there was a strong possibility that we’re going to make a sequel and that’s very true, but everyone was like: “Whoa,’ stop talking about it”. So I’m totally not allowed to talk about it.’

The actress had a fling with Huntsman director Rupert Sanders during the making of the first film (Picture: AP)
Chris Hemsworth – who played the Huntsman in the first film – is also set to return, although there is no confirmation on whether director Rupert Sanders is still a part of the franchise.

Reports have suggested he is unlikely to be back after his much-publicised extra-marital affair with Stewart during the making of the first film – with a source saying recently he would ‘definitely’ not be involved.

‘Rupert didn’t want to be a part of it to begin with because he is desperately still trying to save his marriage. The search is still on for a new director,’ the insider said.

Sanders’ affair with Stewart led to her temporarily splitting from her boyfriend, Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson – although the pair later reconciled and posed together on red carpets around the world last month as Breaking Dawn: Part 2 was released.